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plancher-chauffant-gnr-corbusWhat is radiant floor heating?

Radiant floor heating consists in heating masses as opposed to heating ambient air. The sensation of comfort is vastly superior to conventional methods such as baseboard heaters, wall heaters or hot air systems. Warm feet are usually synonymous with comfort. Heat transmission and ensuing comfort are characterized by many factors: temperature and water flow, the length of heating tubes, type and thickness of flooring, characteristics of the building itself (volume, number of windows, insulation, sealing) and the way tubes are installed (embedded in the concrete or between the joists of the subfloor). When poorly designed, a radiant floor can often be uncomfortable. Floor temperature must be controlled by a thermostat linked to a floor probe thereby avoiding overheating in warm weather and ensuring a fast and comfortable response in cold weather. An outdoor probe can also be added to improve the energy efficiency of the system. This allows you to vary the temperature of the water flowing through the heating tubes. Tube spacing is critical to ensure that the system will provide the desired heat. Many systems are not powerful enough for various reasons. For instance, the contractor may have neglected to take into account the type or location of the room. A glassed-in sunroom or a cathedral ceiling will not require the same type of installation.


  • There is no period of overheating to compensate for periods where there is no heating required;
  • Invisible system: more space available in the utility room;
  • No apparent heating system;
  • Storage of heat in the structure of the building;
  • Silent heating system;
  • Efficient at low operating temperatures;
  • Durable, long-lasting efficiency;

Low temperature heating systems also have the advantage of not having heating louvers collecting dust as opposed to convection systems, not do they generate noise and respiratory problems associated with high-velocity air propelled by hot air central heating blowers.




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